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The Galli family has been building quality homes since the 1950's. The family has earned the respect of the industry and the community through its many projects. They have been involved in building 1,000's of homes in Hamilton, Welland, Simcoe, Stoney Creek, Burlington and Victor New York. They have built everything from freehold and condominium townhomes, semi-detached homes, single family homes of every size and low and high-rise rental apartments and condominium buildings.
Since the early 1980's, the family has been selectively developing choice communities and building quality single family homes and townhomes mainly in the Hamilton and Ancaster area. These include over 160 homes at Wentworth Place in Hamilton, over 200 units in Ancaster Meadows, over 300 units in Meadowbrook Manors, Ancaster and over 140 units in Marshall Estates, Ancaster.

About the Builder

Galli Homes (a division of Fracarsan Corporation) was founded in 1986, by Nick Galli, a builder in the Hamilton area since the mid 1950's. During the 1980's, Fracarsan built new homes in Ancaster under the partnership name of Belacca and Galli Construction (also known as B&G Construction), a company that has operated in the Hamilton area since the early 1960's.

Nick Galli immigrated to Canada in 1952. He began working as a construction labourer, working his way to a foreman position in less than two years, while learning to be a carpenter. In 1956, Nick began building homes in the Hamilton area. One of the first houses he built was for his future in-laws (though he did not know it at the time). Initially he was directly involved with the majority of the house construction including rough carpentry, roofing, wood siding, building stairs and kitchen cabinets for the home, laying hardwood floors and all trim carpentry (hanging doors and baseboards). His knowledge of every aspect of the construction of a home helped to insure that quality workmanship was built into the smallest detail of every new home, something he always insisted on.

In the early 1960's, Nick Galli was involved in building and developing new home subdivisions, and later residential apartment buildings, through B&G Construction. In the late 1970's, the company moved to high rise condominiums, building over 400 units in Stoney Creek. In 1978, B&G Construction returned to building single family home. Since 1978, B&G Construction has developed two major projects in the Hamilton area; Wentworth Place, comprising 165 new homes on the Hamilton Mountain and; Ancaster Meadows, comprising 212 homes and 14 Condominium Townhouses in Ancaster. In addition, since the early 1980's B&G, through it's US subsidiary, has built and developed a townhouse project of over 500 units in Victor (near Rochester), New York.

With the foreseeable retirement of his partner Gino Belacca, Nick Galli decided to continue new home development using his family company, Fracarsan. In 1989, Fracarsan (now operating as Galli Homes) began development of the community in Ancaster known as Meadowbrook Manors.

After working behind the scenes for many years, and spending his summers from the age of 16 until Graduation from University working on the various sites, as everything from construction labourer to construction foreman, Nick's son, Carl (a chartered accountant), decided in 1998 to become an active member of the business. Initially working together with Nick at Galli Homes, Carl eventually took over the day to day operations of the company. Carl is continuing the new home tradition started over 50 years ago by his father, of building quality and excellence in every new home to last for generations.


2012 Hamilton Halton Home Builders Awards of Distinction

Galli Homes won the 2012 Hamilton-Halton Home Builders' Association's "Best Interior Merchandising Model Home over 2,500 sq. ft" award for the design of our Abbington West project. The HHHBA's Awards of Distinction recognize the highest levels of achievement in the home building industry, and winners are selected from over 200 nominees.

Previous Projects

Abbington West, Hamilton
Ancaster Meadows, Ancaster

Developed over 50 acres into 212 single family homes, 14 Condominium Townhomes and a fire station block. Over 220 of the units built by Galli Homes and B&G Construction.

Wentworth Place, Hamilton Mountain

Developed 160 single family Homes all built by B&G Construction.

Lakeside Village, Stoney Creek

Built two high rise condominium apartment units totalling over 400 units built by B&G Construction.

Victoria Woods, Victor New York

Built and developed over 500 condominium townhomes Built by B&G Investments USA.

Belgal Estates, Stoney Creek

Built three high rise rental apartment buildings (Corinthian, Doric, Ionic) with over 400 rental units built by B&G Construction.

El Mirador Apartments, Hamilton Mountain

224 units high rise rental apartment building built by B&G Construction.

El Duke Apartments, Hamilton

High rise rental apartment building built by B&G Construction.

Other Projects

  • High rise apartment buildings in Downtown Hamilton Including Bayview, Belmont, Monterrey, Royal Place and Palace

  • Suites built by B&G Construction

  • Apartment buildings in Simcoe and Welland built by B&G Construction

  • Three additional Apartment buildings in Hamilton Ontario as well as new home subdivisions in Stoney

  • Creek built by B&G Construction

  • Single family homes throughout Hamilton and Burlington and the surrounding areas.

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